Professional Services

Our Process

During this phase of the project we start by defining overall goals and success metrics of the project, outlining key stakeholders and reviewing the project communication process. Everything would be documented and agreed upon prior to beginning development. We take a partnership approach to the design and development process, ensuring common expectations and spelling out clear and measurable goals for success.
We begin with a creative briefing process to determine the target audience, branding and a content strategy. We will then create wireframes of the various page templates in order to determine the approximate layout of key elements such as navigation, search tools, social media links, primary and secondary content, etc. We also discuss colors, images and general style, as well as review comparable websites or mobile apps in your industry. The client will approve a design composition, and provide feedback and any necessary changes through a round of revisions
The approved graphic design is coded into the CMS which has been installed and configured at a "staging" location on our servers, allowing our clients to securely view the website during its development. Content styles such as headers, bullets, body copy, link colors and more are developed and reviewed so that all content is consistent throughout the website or app.

During this stage, we release the new website or app to our internal QA staff for System Testing. We start with looking at the documentation at the beginning of a project, including technical specifications, user stories and wireframes, to use as a test reference later. Once development starts, we'll test every aspect of the product. This could be the verification of new features or something much more specific, such as the connection to the database or data migration to validate the application has met all requirements as documented.

User Acceptance Testing is your opportunity to test drive the web site or app, and perhaps provide access to a small group of target audience users to ensure that the site meets the requirements identified during the planning phase.

The Development team will perform final testing to ensure that everything is working properly and that your site performs acceptably on all current browsers and mobile devices. We will also perform our website launch checklist which ensures that your launch will be problem free. Once all deficiencies have been corrected and any new changes implemented, the website or app is then deployed to production.
In this phase, we support the client in maintaining the website or app and to address any future or ongoing needs so the solution stays relevant to its audience and the ongoing business or organizational needs.